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Her body reacted before her mind registered what had happened. A flood of wetness washed into her, and she was starting to kneel even before she knew why. It was then that her mind caught up and she realized she'd heard the words. HEARD them. Not seen them typed on a computer screen. Two words that always made her feel weak. Made her chest feel empty and heavy at the same time. Made her skin flush with waves of heat and chills.

"Attend me."

The heat flashing between her legs was followed by an icy gripping spasm in her chest. He was here. Here. It had to be him. was someone else. Someone who knew. A wave of fear washed over her.

From behind, a hand gripped her shoulder. She shuddered, as the other hand traced a line up her back, and the fingers wrapped themselves in her hair, and twisted. Oh god. It had to be him. How many times had he typed that very action to her in one of their many cyber encounters?

What was he doing here? They had never met face to face. Always their encounters were strictly in the cyber realm. Always he had respected her boundaries. Knew she was in love, engaged. Never hinted at a meeting, despite the obvious desire they both felt. Then what was he doing here? TODAY????

The voice came again. Quietly. But powerful nonetheless, and the threat was evident through the gentleness. "I do not like repeating myself."

Oh my god. He's not serious. Here. Now. My HUSBAND. What do I do? He can't expect....How can he think I would...

"Yes, master." Again the words were out almost involuntarily. While her mind seethed, her body reacted. And she suddenly felt herself spinning out of control.

His voice came in a whisper, with hot breath teasing, caressing her neck and ear. "I considered coming to you before the service. To send you out to your wedding ceremony wearing my marks on you for all to see. I would have enjoyed seeing you standing next to him with your hair tossled, your dress torn and stinking of sex. But....this seemed a better way to display my ownership of you. To take you as a MARRIED woman. To take you before your husband takes you for the first time as man and wife. To send you to your wedding bed filled with ME. To have him slide into you and find me waiting for you. To have your first time as a married woman be as my WHORE."

The hands left her hair and her shoulders. "Do not move. Do not try to turn and look at me. You will not see me. I have lived in your mind alone before today. Today I will live in your body and your mind. Tomorrow, and from now on, I will live in your mind more than ever. You will ALWAYS wonder. Every face you pass on the street MIGHT be me. And you'll never know when I might return for you."

Something slid down over her face, and settled around her neck. She was shocked to see it was her collar. Not a collar he had brought. But hers. The one she bought. The one she'd worn for a year for him when her fiance was out of town and she met her master online. OH god. He had it. He'd been in her home. Her bedroom. He'd found it.

The collar buckled into place around her neck. And then something else slid over her face, and settled into place over her eyes...and the world went black.

She'd never been blindfolded before. She never knew how her remaining senses would be heightened by blindness. A hand gently pushed her forward. She walked slowly, frightened, but strangely acquiescent. He was her Master. He owned her, and loved her, she knew. Somewhere in her mind, a little devil was rolling in delight as she felt her way forward at the command of a man who was about to make her husband a cuckold before he had even bedded his wife.

The hand on her shoulder steered her to her left, and she heard a door close.

"We're alone, whore."

Her voice was a whisper. "Yes....Master." Her mind screamed at her to run. This was her WEDDING DAY. Her husband....her entire family and all her friends were a few dozen feet away.....and she was....sinking to her knees, legs spread slightly, and her dress flowing around her as she knelt.

"Are you ready to serve, whore?"

This can't be happening. I love him. I love him. "Yes, Master."

"Today, whore, you will be marked unmistakably. I will send you back to him reeking of sex and my cum."

Her cunt flooded. Oh god. And the devil in her mind screamed in delight.

Footsteps. Moving in front of her. And the sound of a zipper. Her mouth watered in response. And then ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, her face was caressed by a hot bar of flesh, soft at the surface, but underneath that velvet skin was IRON. Yesssssssssssssssss.

The cock head pressed against her lips. Instantly, meekly, she opened, not daring to suck, just making her mouth available for her master to use. He didn't disappoint her. Hands gripped the side of her head, and the hot velvet and steel bar slid into her throat. He didn't pause. He didn't force it. He simply slid into her mouth, and then just as casually, into her throat. She tried desperately to breathe as he held his cock perfectly still, buried all the way into her.

Her cunt wept as she struggled to breathe. Oh god. Oh damn. Thoughts of her family, thought itself was banished, and she was conquered. She submitted utterly, the tension fleeing her body. Tears welled in her eyes as she thought about what that made her. But she was helpless. She was her master's whore.

As if sensing her surrender, he pulled his cock back, and thrust it forward again, beginning a slow, deliberate fucking motion as he guided her mouth up and down. His calm assaulted her. Her mind was awash in chaos, her body responding without her volition. And he appeared as much in command of himself as he was of her.

Her jaws began to ache, but the relentless fucking of her mouth continued. He didn't speed up. He didn't let her relax. He drove into her throat with every stroke, never varying, never showing any signs of losing control. More tears flowed from her eyes, and from her cunt.

When he pulled his cock free of her mouth, it made a sound like a champagne bottle opening. She had realized how hard she was working, how hard she was sucking, and she realized that she wanted him desperately to lose control, to feel some part of the turmoil that ruled her. His cock, wet with her spit, rubbed her cheek. His hands moved down inside her dress, and squeezed her tits. She moaned, and an ache washed over her nipples. Slowly, carefully, he half lowered her dress, half lifted her tits, until they swung free.

His fingers closed on her nipples, and squeezed. Hard. Painfully hard. A gasp escaped her, and then he released them.His hand gripped her hair at the top of her head, and pushed her face first to the floor. She heard him move behind her, and she felt her dress roughly torn out from under her knees. He means it, she realized. He doesn't care if he rips my dress for everyone to see. She felt weak. She dreaded it. But that devil sighed in pleasure at the thought of standing in front of everyone proclaimed as nothing but a greedy-cunt whore.

His fingers reached under her dress and she heard cloth ripping....and cool air washing over her cunt and ass. It was done. There would be no hiding that from her husband later on...

"Please Master...." her voice was begging...but what was she begging for?

The cockhead started rubbing between her cunt lips...up and down...up and down. Not penetrating. But SEPARATING. Her leg trembled in need. And then like lightning he was in her. Buried all the way. Her cunt stretched around him, welcoming him, and at the same time resisting. Hands gripped her hips, and she felt herself pushed forward and pulled back, like a rag doll, while he held himself still. He was using her cunt. She'd typed it before. He'd typed it before. But this was different. He wasn't even fucking her. He was masturbating. Using her cunt to masturbate his cock.

A feeling of helplessness began to grow in her belly. Consequences no longer mattered. Part of her even RELISHED it. Her cunt was burning on his cock, squeezing and milking, and she just wanted to make him lose control. To surrender to the pull of her cunt. To fill her with cum.

Faster. Now he was fucking her, hips slamming against her ass. Her cunt was spraying her thighs with wetness with each stroke. And then he stiffened against her

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," his voice was a low groan and she felt his cock throb inside her and spit hot fluid. Her cunt spasmed, and stars crashed in her head.

A million years later, she began to breathe. His cock was again rubbing on her face, smearing wetness on her forehead. It moved over her face, ruining her make up, smearing the mix of their two orgasms onto her. Then it moved back to her lips. She knew what he wanted, and she eagerly parted her lips, and he slid in. She started licking him clean, and, at the same time, teasing his cock back to life. There was no longer any question that she wanted him to use her again.

"Aaahhhhh, very good, whore." His praise tingled in the pit of her belly. And his cock started to grow again in her mouth.

Her mouth watering over his cock, she sucked harder. He'd filled her cunt. But she had two more holes. And they both wanted her filled everywhere.

With his cock swelling in her mouth, she could hear herself sucking. Her nipples ached and her cunt was seeping, still clasping and unclasping as if his cock still stuffed it full. Her mind drifted on a cloud for a moment or for minutes. And then his cock was hard. Again he pulled away, and the POP of his cock pulling free startled her. Again he moved behind her. Again he knelt.

Again his hands grasped her hips. But this time...his thumbs reached inward, and hooked around her ass cheeks. And brutally pulled them wide open. Her asshole actually if he was trying to tear it open.

She felt his cock forcing her open and gasped. She felt like she was being ripped up the middle...between the way he brutally stretched her ass open and his cock forcing her ass to spread...

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White hot fire burst behind her eyes as he lunged forward, burying his cock in her ass. A scream escaped her, and she was sure her hole was ripped open. His cock was deep in her bowels, and he started humping his hips against her.

This time was unlike when he took her cunt. Now he was brutally fucking her, slamming his cock into her again and again like he was trying to drive his whole body into her. She felt something trickling between her legs, and she knew she was bleeding. But all she could do was drive herself backward onto his cock even harder, impaling herself with brutality as great as his.

Her moans grew louder, and the fire in her bowels blazed. The burn was not just desire, she knew. Her insides were raw from his merciless fucking. She didn't care. She wanted it harder.

She slammed back against him again...and her mouth opened...and she heard someone babbling.

"please master....I need it. Ohgodohgodohgod...harder. Please more. Need. Ahhhhh, fuck. Please."

It took a moment to realize that the begging voice was hers. She was desperate to cum. Desperate for him to command her to lose all control. He could make her cum relentlessly, over and over until it was unending torture, and still demand more, more.

But he was silent. In in his silence, she begged louder. She was desperate. She'd cum only minutes ago, but her cunt was needy, she was needy.

And just continued.

He had cum once, and holding back was not as difficult this time. And hearing her beg, watching her completely abandon herself, was thrilling to him. He drilled his cock into her, listening to her, hearing her almost crying in her need before he decided...


Slamming forward once more, he watched as her body absolutely erupted beneath him. His mind had conjured images of her in orgasm...but the reality was more sublime than he could have imagined.


She screamed as she came again, and he smiled grimly. The thought that she might be heard was titillating....


Her breath was coming in gasps, and under her blindfold, her face was burning red.


Her movements were nothing but helpless jerking twitches. As her orgasms grew stronger, she grew weaker.

"AGAIN" Her head was slumped against the floor, and drool leaked from her mouth.

He felt it now...there was no more holding back.


He threw back his head and roared as his cock erupted in her bowels. Scalding hot semen had to burn inside her bleeding hole, but she wasn't feeling anything now. She was raw nerve, raw sensation, and it all went to feed the endless stream of orgasms he'd commanded of her.

His balls ached as they emptied into her. He felt empty inside, and he didn't know if he had enough left to finish what he wanted to do. But DAMN IT he was not leaving this unfinished.

He eased out of her ass, and moved over to her face again. Grabbing a fistful of hair, he deliberately started wiping his cock clean. Then he let her face drop to the floor. He stood, and with his foot turned her limp form over. And he reached for his cock, and started stroking. No preliminaries. No build up. He slammed his fist up and down his cock with one thing in mind...

And then his cock erupted one more time, spraying cum over the front of her dress, and onto her tits. Dimly she watched her dress as he stained and soiled it. And a voice in her head hissed, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. And the devil giggled in pleasure.

As the last of his cum dripped onto her face, he spoke again.

"This is how I choose to send you back to your husband, whore. Stand."

Trembling, weak, she struggled to her feet. She could do no else. He owned her.

"Fix your dress."

She almost laughed. She struggled to pull her dress back up over her tits.

"Now I am going to leave the room. Count to 60, and then you can go back to your reception."

She heard some strange noises, and then a door opened, closed. She was alone. She counted.

At 60, she took off the blindfold. She was in an office. A mirror hung on the wall. She saw a gutter whore reflected back at her. Her hair was in ruins, and where he had wiped himself after assfucking her, it was smeared with she hated to think what. Her dress was stained with cum. Her makeup was smeared with cum. And then there was the leather collar. Trembling, she touched it...She heard him again, "This is how I choose to send you back to your husband, whore." And then deliberately she left his collar in place around her throat, turned to the door, and walked back out to the party.

Master Assfucking Female Sex Slave